I am a Research assistant at Oxford university in the group of Marta Kwiatkowska in the VERIWARE project.

Research topics

I am a member of EQINOCS project (ANR-11-BS02-004). During my thesis, I worked on quantitative aspect of timed languages with Eugène ASARIN and Aldric DEGORRE in LIAFA and with Marie-Pierre BEAL and Dominique PERRIN in LIGM. I built new developments of the volumetry of timed languages and applied it to several problems occurring in various domains of theoretical computer science such as verification, enumerative combinatorics or information theory. Among other I (i) developped a theory of timed symbolic dynamics; (ii) characterized a dichotomy between bad behaving and well behaving timed automata; (iii) defined a least biased stochastic process for a timed automaton; (iv) developped a timed theory of constrained channel coding; (v) counted and generated randomly and uniformly permutations in certain classes.

My CV is here.

You can find HERE algorithms for Counting and generating permutations with signature in a given regular language.
These algorithms are presented in a paper available on-line hal-00820373